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About Storytelling

Storytelling, in one form or another, is universal among humans. Before the invention of written language, all knowledge possessed by a culture was passed to the next generation via the oral tradition. Storytelling may be one of the important things that set us apart from animals; all humans tell stories, but as far as we know, no animals do.

Storytelling, in the modern sense, is a type of performing art. A performer stands in front of an audience and tells them a story verbally. It's similar to a comedian doing a routine, or an actor delivering a monologue, but the material and technique are somewhat different. A storyteller might tell a traditional folktale, an original tale that he or she has written or a personal story based on the teller's own life. The performance may be enhanced with music, props, puppets or another performer. Storytelling performances take place at concerts and festivals, but also at birthday parties, libraries, museums, meetings and anywhere else that storytellers and audiences come together. Some stories are aimed at children and families, and others are meant for adults, but all are meant to entertain and enlighten.

Nancy McQuillam

Nancy McQuillan

Nancy McQuillan is a Storyteller/Librarian specializing in humorous mountain tales, participation stories, tales with a "twist". She loves to involve her audience in the tale and will tell a story anytime, anywhere.

Nancy has recently relocated to Eureka, California from Southern Washington.

"Nancy McQuillan is a storyteller who transforms a tale into sheer magic and delight. She spins her tales with spellbinding warmth and mirth. She is truly a master storyteller."

-- Randi Larsen
South Coast Storytellers Guild

Schools - Festivals - Libraries - Parties - Camps - Bookstores - Seminars - Coaching

Stories and Programs

  • Folktales from Around the World
  • Appalachian Tales
  • Audience Participation Stories
  • Mystery and Scary Tales
  • Holiday Programs
  • Reader's Theatre
  • Story/Craft Programs for Birthday Parties
  • Storytelling for Tea Parties


  • In-House Field Trips
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • In-Service Teacher Training
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Adults and Children

Nancy has Told and Taught At:

  • O.C. Juvenile Hall
  • N.S.A Tellabration - 11 years
  • C.S.U.F - English Dept. - Children's Literature
  • U.C.I. Extension Storytelling Class
  • Indian Maidens - Y.M.C.A.
  • Girl Scouts
  • Teacher's Center - Huntington Beach
  • After School Enrichment Programs
  • Imagination Celebration
  • U.C.S.D. Extension Story Workshop
  • Magnolia School District Story Workshop
  • Renaissance A'Faire
  • Orangewood Children's Home
  • Benefits, ACS, CFF, etc.
  • Sawdust Festival Winter Fest
  • Huntington Academy of Dance - Narration for "Nutcracker"
  • Christmas Faire - Junior League
  • Learning Tree University - Storytelling
  • University of La Verne - Children's Literature


  • B.A. English
  • M.S. Library Science
  • Workshop with Richard Chase
  • Member of Education and Curriculum Development Team - S.C.S.G
  • Workshops with Harlynne Geisler, Jim Cogan
  • Coaching Workshops with Doug Lipman, David Novak, Cecilia Fannon


  • South Coast Storytellers Guild - S.C.S.G. - Director and Founder
  • Southern CA Council on Literature for Children and Young People - S.C.C.L.C.Y.P.
  • Steering Committee, Imagination Celebration of Orange County
  • Literary Guild of Orange County
  • National Storytelling Network - N.S.N.
  • California Library Association - C.L.A.
  • American Library Association - A.L.A.

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